Mining balance report – Good news!

Five months ago with my brother we built a special computer to gather some manna, the Harvester 1. We barely believed that it will quickly extract its own price and additional costs, but…

Well, dear Nicehash lost the resulting bitcoins of around 10 days of hard mining work just a few days ago. It was a bit, hmm, let’s say “refreshing”. But still, maybe because Nicehash aimed my attention to BTC, or it was just the increasing value of our precious bitcoin, nobody will tell that now, but I changed all the excavated Ethers for bitcoins a week ago.

By the end of the day, 2 days ago Harvester 1 reached the break even point for the hardware, and yesterday it stepped over every additional costs including the electricity bill. Yaaaay! We did it! This moment has come far earlier than we expected. Originally we estimated an optimistic 8~12 months of sleepless mining to be at €0. Moreover there were NO any issues with the machine *knock*knock* during this 7/24 five months of marathon so far, so I have to give a proud respect for the manufacturers of the pc components we use, especially for the great VGA cards with their exceptionally good price/value ratio. Here they are again: 6 pieces of MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Armor OC 8GB

Also let me say a HUGE thanks for the constant help from the great mining community. I hope in change at least my articles can help newcomers to join this wonderfully exciting and unique world.

Also let me list the main sites I love to visit and tools I use to keep everything in place in my mind (without the need for completeness):

  4. Claymore Ethereum Miner
  5. BlockFolio app
  7. Bitcoin NVT Ratio

May the Hashpower be with You!

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